The North Central District Intercollegiate Band

The Premier Performance Ensemble of the North Central District

The North Central District Intercollegiate Band (NCDIB) continues to be an integral part of our Convention programming. This ensemble, composed of brothers and sisters from across the NCD, made its debut at the 2009 NCD Convention in Toledo, Ohio. This fine program will allow you to grow musically and to afford yourself an unmatched opportunity to participate in a musical ensemble with numerous brothers and sisters of varying backgrounds from nearly every corner of the district. We encourage every chapter member to consider this wonderful opportunity.

Audition Information

The 2017 North Central District Intercollegiate Band will be seeking applicants until the Magic Date, February 21. The application process is very straightforward, and consists of the following:

1. Complete the NCDIB Application Form, located HERE.
2. Request the completion of the Band Director Recommendation Form by a college or university band director familiar with your musical abilities. This form is located HERE.

Student applications and director recommendations are due by the Magic Date (February 21). Music and placement information will be distributed shortly after the receipt of a complete recommendation form.

NCDIB Archives






Americans We (Fillmore, ed. Fennell)
P‍oem (Boerma)
R‍ikudim (van der Roost)
S‍ea Songs (Williams)
Shadows (Boerma)
S‍trive (Boerma) ~~World Premier~~
Things That Never Were (Cross)

Dr. Scott Boerma, Western Michigan University

Firefly (George)
Fervent is My Longing (Bach)
Fugue in G Minor ("Little") (Bach)
Redwood (George)
Il Bersaglidre (Boccalari)
MetaMarch (Bryant)
Lux Aurumque (Whitacre)
Golden Light (Maslanka)
Give Us This Day (Maslanka)

Dr. David Booth, Wright State University

Canzona (Mennin)
Sheltering Sky (Mackey)
Shortcut Home (Wilson)
Slava! (Bernstein)
Symphony No. 2 (Ticheli)
Variations on a Shaker Melody (Copland)

Dr. Alicia Neal, Eastern Illinois University

El Relicario (Padilla)
Metroplex (Sheldon)
American Barndance (Saucedo)
Loch Lomond (Ticheli)
Carmina Burana (Orff)
A Slavic Farewell (Agapkin)

John T. Madden, Michigan State University

On the Campus (Sousa, ed. Schissel)
Danzón No. 2 (Márquez)
Italian Rhapsody (Giroux)
Second Suite in F (Holst, ed. Matthews)
Hymn of Brotherhood (van Groningen)
Joy (From "Awakening") (Curiale)

Jay S. Gephart, Purdue University

English Dances, Part I (Arnold, arr. Johnstone)
Dusk (Bryant)
The Chimes of Liberty (Goldman)
Espirit de Corps (Jager)
Armenian Dances, Part I (Reed)
An Italian in Algiers Overture (Rossini, arr. Cailliel)
Dance of the Jesters (Tchaikovsky, arr. Cramer)

Dr. Bruce Moss, Bowling Green State University

Celestial Dancers (Ewazen)
I. Faces (The Bayon)
IV. Visions (Angkor Wat)
Cordoba for Piano and Band (Giroux)
October (Whitacre)
Vigil's Keep (Giroux)
Ave Maria (Biebl, arr. Cameron)
Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)

Lt. Col. Alan L. Bonner (USAF Ret.), KKΨ / TBΣ