Kappa Kapap Psi North Central District Campus Leadership Portal

Welcome to the Campus Leadership Portal for the North Central District of Kappa Kappa Psi. In an effort to create a central hub of information for the Chapter Leaders, Directors of Bands, and Chapter Sponsors of the great chapters of the NCD, we crafted this page to put the important information in an easy-to-access and up-to-date format. Let us know how we can improve this page to better suit your desires and needs!

Chapter Summary Report Submissions

Due June 1, 2017


(Updated 8:30pm CDT, June 1, 2017)

      Iota Mu    
    Zeta Lambda    
    Eta Delta   Nu Xi
        Nu Pi
Beta Kappa   Iota Lambda Lambda Chi  

Upcoming Deadlines

Chapter Summary Report - June 1, 2017 - The Chapter Summary Report is important to summarize the activities and membership of chapters and is due annually on June 1. This form officially begins eligibility for District and National awards for the year, so it is incredibly important to submit this report on time! This form will need approved by the Chapter Sponsor and Director of Bands.

Ongoing Deadlines

Chapter Personnel Update - All changes in chapter membership status must be accompanied with the submission of a Chapter Personnel Update, along with any required dues, within 30 days of the change being made. For example, if a brother returns to campus in January after a few-semester-long absence, their information and dues should be submitted using this report. Please note, most membership changes that happen at the start of the academic year are reported on the annually-due (September 30) Chapter Personnel Report. This form will need approved by the Chapter Sponsor and Director of Bands.

Initiate Registration - This form must be submitted along with new member dues within 30 days of the completion of the Membership Education Process, marked with Third Degree. This form will need approved by the Chapter Sponsor and Director of Bands.

Graduating Seniors Report - This form must be submitted within 30 days of any graduating chapter member(s)'s official graduation date. This form will need approved by the Chapter Sponsor and Director of Bands.

Future Events

Summer FUNction - June 16-18, 2017 - Summer FUNction is hosted annually by the North Central District of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. This year, we will visit lovely Lake Bloomington in Hudson, Illinois. Join us for a weekend of camping, brotherhood, sisterhood, and FUN! Visit kkytbsncd.org/function for more information.

National Convention - July 18-22, 2017 - The biennial Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma National Convention will be hosted in Orlando, Florida. Registration closes on June 15, 2017, so be sure to sign up now! Visit natcon.kkytbsonline.com for more information.

Membership Education Retreat - October 2017 - This membership-focused day of workshops and activities takes place at the beginning of October. A final date and location will be announced shortly.

Leadership Conference - January 2018 - Focusing on member development and leadership topics, this free conference will take place in January at a to-be-announced location.

Block Meetings - Winter/Spring 2018 - Three chapters from the North Central District will be asked to assist in hosting our Block Meetings. These free meetings consist of workshops of varying topics and activities meant to showcase what it means to be a member of Kappa Kappa Psi. Dates and locations will be announced at a later date.

North Central District Convention - April 6-8, 2018 - Hosted in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois by the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma. Information will be updated as it becomes available, and posted to the official convention website. Registration is expected to cost less than $40 per attendee, and will be available in January. Active brothers, Chapter Sponsors, Chapter Directors of Bands, and Alumni Association members are welcome to attend!

From The Governors

The role of Governors in the Fraternity is – without a doubt – a role that is both wide in scope and narrow in focus. It is my firm belief that a Governor should truly be able to maintain awareness of all happenings within his or her jurisdiction on a wide scale, yet also be able to delve into details on specific events and other points of interest. Most importantly, however, I truly believe that one serving in the role of Governor should work their hardest to not just be available to maintain the integrity of the Fraternity and oversee the appropriate application of its precepts and regulations, but to facilitate the development of brothers within a district into life-long participants in Kappa Kappa Psi and in the greater world of college and university bands.

I heartily plan to continue my overall mission through the pursuit of three main goals:

  1. Reconnect with all student members of the organization.
  2. Put forth a true and worthwhile effort to work closely with the North Central District of Tau Beta Sigma throughout the biennium.
  3. Learn from brothers to facilitate topics that they want to learn.

Even more than those three goals, however, each brother of the NCD can fully recognize the importance of every other brother, Sponsor, and Director of Bands. It is in this spirit that I hope to assist in encapsulating the motto, “Kappa Kappa Psi Matters.” Already, brothers of the district are thinking about how best to connect with one another. New projects are being undertaken in the NCD. Important questions are being asked. Students and sponsors are working together to carve out a sizeable niche for our great Fraternity on campuses across the six states of the North Central District. Kappa Kappa Psi does matter, and it could not be more important for the NCD than to recognize its own strides in backing up that phrase.


Jason Mlady

Governor, 2015-Present

Gamma Pi, Purdue University
Chicago, Illinois


Tammi Ramsey

Governor, 2016-Present

Zeta Omicron, The University of Akron
Grove City, Ohio

I am excited to join the National Leadership Team as one of your two governors. My counterpart, Jason, gave a brief introduction to my fraternal experiences in the August Arpeggio. While my experiences, as well as yours, in the fraternity can be life changing, they are just part of who we are. Along with being a Life Member of the Zeta Omicron chapter at The University of Akron, I am an Economics and Financial Literacy teacher, soccer and softball coach, graduate student, friend, sister, daughter, wife to my wonderful husband Preston, and puppy mom to a sweet rescue named Ruby. And like much of our active membership, there can be at times to let these roles interact harmoniously in my life.

This year, your district council is focusing on the concept of ‘Harmoniously,’ and it’s something that I am personally very excited about. The council is going to be asking students some extremely thought-provoking questions, and I want to encourage everyone to find balance with the programming presented, and your chapters' identities, traditions, and goals, as well as your own.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the various fraternity events around our spectacular district. Please do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or email if you have questions, concerns, or just want to say hi!

Contact Us

If you would like to contact Tammi or Jason at any time, please email [email protected]. We are very happy to address any questions, concerns, or any other fraternal issues at any time! We look forward to hearing from you.