It’s a magical time of year here in the North Central District. The leaves are changing, the Halloween decorations are put away, and on November first there is a shift in the season that can be felt throughout all our campuses. Nope, I’m not referring to the holidays – I’m talking about the Month of Musicianship! November is a special time for the brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi to celebrate musicianship and further our involvement with this great art, and this month The Arpeggio highlighted some ways in which chapters are celebrating everyone’s favorite 30 days. In case you missed it, check out a quick recap of what they had to say, then head over to the Arpeggio page to read the whole thing!

Beta Rho

Beta Rho has been striving this semester to improve their chapter’s engagement with musicianship. Here’s how brother Elise Bleser says their chapter is working to become more musical:

There are some small things we have changed that seem to be effective. The first is listening to music before our business meetings. We change the genre of music each week and have even watched some marching band shows. We also use this time to choose music for our degrees. The second change we have made is to attend more concerts our university bands host.

Finding little ways to incorporate music can lead to big shifts in your chapters overall musicianship!


Eta brother Megan Snide has a lot to say about her chapter’s “Music Minutes” activity at meetings. In her article she reflects on how we are often so busy making music and promoting music and serving music, that we forget to stop and appreciate music and reflect on what it means to us. Here are some of her suggestions for incorporating Music Minutes into chapter meetings to encourage reflection and appreciation of musicianship:

Remind each other why you got into music, maybe something you learned recently, or just an amazing song you want to share. Invite graduate assistants, local professors, even neighboring band directors to come in and talk to gain another perspective on the art we love so much. If you want to, continue to use it throughout the rest of the year. You may be surprised at how many different ways music has touched others.

Beta Kappa

According to Beta Kappa brother Josh Cox, Beta Kappa hosts a fun event every November to coincide with the Month of Musicianship. Their chapter hosts a “Re-PSI-tal” each November to give brothers the opportunity to write and perform music for each other, to bond, and to be reminded of how much fun it is to make music. Here’s how they do it:

We create small ensembles that are a combination of active brothers and membership candidates to help foster good relationships between the current and future brothers. These ensembles spend a month preparing a piece and at some point in November we all meet and perform for one another. Every single member performs and showcases their talents at this recital – something many would never have the opportunity to do if it weren’t for this fraternity.

Gamma Pi

Katie Boyer from Gamma Pi showcased several ways in which Gamma Pi celebrates musicianship not only in November, but year-round! One successful and multi-purposed Month of Musicianship event their chapter puts on is a reading band, which she talks about here:

Gamma Pi will continue our tradition of holding a reading band as a recruitment event that stresses our musicianship value. Gamma Pi has held a reading band for the past two years, this year marking the third because it’s been so successful. Students can select music they want to read and they even have the opportunity to conduct the band.

Alpha Zeta

Remember, the Month of Musicianship isn’t just for brothers! According to Katie Buczek, Alpha Zeta celebrates musicianship all year in lots of ways. But every year they get the sisters of TBS’s Rho chapter involved to put on a recital of epic proportions.

Alpha Zeta and our sister chapter Rho come together for what we call “Rho-Psi-tal.” This is a recital where brothers and sisters come together to share music and other talents for one another. This recital features many different acts and everyone from both chapters are encouraged to participate. This has been a wonderful opportunity for the two chapters to come together and appreciate music together.

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