My name is Jonathan Lambert and I am a brother of the Eta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at The Ohio State University and have been active since January of 2014. My life in the fraternity is not necessarily what is considered the “normal” process of being a brother. I entered the fraternity as a freshman studying at Bowling Green State University in the Falcon Marching Band playing alto saxophone.  Most of the leadership in my section was either a brother or a sister and brought to my attention the large percentage of leaders in the bands were in both organizations. I started to consider where my place could be in these organizations and how I wanted to serve the bands and make the band programs improve, if I was ever granted that honor it would make me incredibly happy. I went to my first smoker (an informational meeting) and listened to all the stories of their favorite memories, past service projects and felt the overall sense of brotherhood that existed between everybody and immediately pulled me in. I was offered a bid and quickly accepted it and started the membership education process. I was fortunate enough to have two incredible bigs, Ryan and Zac, who led me through the process of being a brother and taught me how to be the best brother I could be. Before I went active it came to my attention that I wanted to pursue the major Industrial Design which was not offered at BGSU and had to start considering other options, such as Purdue, University of Cincinnati and Ohio State. I ended up choosing to be a Buckeye after 2nd Degree and realized that even though I was going through the membership process that this was my first and only year being a brother of Beta Kappa. I realized that no matter where I am, I want to be a brother of KKPsi because it gives me the opportunity to better college bands no matter what school I would be at. I continued on throughout the process and after 3rd degree realized how happy I was that I could be a brother no matter what school I went to and was looking very much forward to joining Eta. The year went on and the semester was nearing a close and I was quickly realizing my final moments of being a brother of Beta Kappa were rapidly approaching. I started to reflect on what possible lessons I could bring from Beta Kappa to Eta.

In the fall of 2014 I came to Ohio State as a transfer student and was welcomed in as a brother of the Eta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. When I started going to meetings I felt very confused continuously because it was something I was not used to because I learned how to be a brother at Bowling Green so I had to start getting used to the change and absorb all that Eta can give me. Gradually I started to get to know everybody and they welcomed me with open arms and I found that sense of brotherhood again. I gradually tried to make my mark and bring in newer ideas that we can absorb to strive even higher than we already were. This was effective when I was honored with the position of being the Recruitment Officer in 2015, my second year of being a brother of Eta. I took different ideas across the NCD and made them my own and worked with my committee to bring in the best prospective members that we possibly could. It made me feel very much at home to be humbled with this position because it was another moment for me to be the best brother that I could be. I gradually took on other roles in the fraternity and was in charge of creating a bid for convention for the 2016-2017 school year, I worked with TBS and my fellow brothers of KKPsi to put together a huge bid and we all worked very hard and this taught me how to be a better leader as well. A lot of things came up in the past 3 years that allowed me to become the brother I am now. I have met amazing people, worked with amazing brothers and could not have asked for a better family from BG and my new family at Ohio State with Remy, Noah and Kevin. I realize that even though we all go to very different schools, with very different brothers and different service opportunities that we are all brothers of KKPsi and are doing are best to strive for the highest.

Thank you and AEA

Author: Jon Lambert

Kappa Kappa Psi – Eta

Senior, Industrial Design

The Ohio State University

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