The month of October has been an exciting time for anyone in KKPsi who enjoys membership education. Between the edition of The Arpeggio that was published at the end of September, and Membership Education Retreat the first week of the month, there has been no shortage of information coming to (and from!) brothers in the North Central District. If you missed either the Arpeggio or MER and want to get caught up, or if you want a refresher on the contents of either, check out our recap below!

Membership Education Retreat

This year our Membership Education Retreat was hosted by Jessica Lee, life member of the Eta Alpha chapter and member of the National Curriculum Development Committee that was recently charged with creating the new National MEP. Jessica brought with her expertise in curriculum and education, and currently works as the Director of Curriculum and Federal Programs for the Blooming Grove ISD in Texas. The NCD was very excited to have Jessica join us for this event and continue to be grateful for all of the time and effort she put into preparing and presenting the day’s workshops for us.

The morning session of MER was all about the National MEP, and chapters walked away with a lot of knowledge of how the program will be implemented. There was discussion about the MEP’s official use of the term “Membership Candidate” to describe individuals who have received bids, the extensive and customize-able Activity Guide that fits with all of the provided lesson plans, and assurance to chapters that the National MEP’s guidelines and activities will not be restrictive, but will instead provide chapters with more tested and engaging lesson activities and teaching strategies. If chapters have any questions about the National MEP, they are encouraged to reach out to Jessica, National VPCM Evan Thompson, or any other member of the Curriculum Development Committee for more information.

The rest of the day at MER was focused on making membership education engaging, inclusive, and purposeful. Many of the activities focused around knowing who you’re teaching to, and information on how to target your education processes to specific learners. As part of the “Trailblazer Saga”, brothers in attendance learned to identify and work with different types of chapter members, like the “saboteurs” who are holding chapters back and the “trailblazers” who are ready to lead the way to a new frontier of service. Chapters then worked together to identify the character traits that are present in their chapters and designed a lesson to bring home that would be relevant, helpful, and engaging to all brothers and that would attempt to solve a specific issue that their chapter faced.

The retreat also featured a musical activity presented by Kaitlin Shanks, a music education senior from Lambda Tau, and some exciting announcements about future district events! Check out for more information about upcoming district events (like Convention!!)

The September Arpeggio

With fall being recruitment season for many of our NCD chapters, it’s fitting that the September Arpeggio featured advice from five chapter Vice Presidents for Membership on how to recruit effectively, efficiently, and in the best interests of your chapter! Check out what they had to say.

Emily Reitzel, Lambda Tau:

This year, each of our committees have brainstormed and planned their own recruitment events, and all of these events are occurring over a period that is started with Open Recruitment and is ended with our chapter’s Closed Recruitment….By having each committee plan one recruitment event, we have kept all of our brothers involved in the recruitment process and now have several unique, fun events planned.

Parker Thompson, Zeta Epsilon:

Our chapter tries to plan recruitment events that fit the purposes of our fraternity, and let interested individuals get to know active brothers…Before recruitment takes off, our chapter always makes sure to have a discussion among the actives of what kind of band members we are looking for, how to tell a great friend from a great brother, and offering advice on how to promote the fraternity.

Miranda Guyer, Lambda Chi:

During [recruitment] the chapter explores each possible member in the terms of Leadership, Attitude, Promise, Dedication, and Musicianship….Getting to know the members who create our bands is essential to recruitment. They might not be who they appear to be on the outside, but are the next leaders on the inside. This is as much about them as it is the chapter.

Lindsay Hubbard, Mu Delta:

During recruitment season, we want to do more than tell people what we do for the bands. We want to tell them why we serve. We want to show everyone the special and unique opportunities membership in Kappa Kappa Psi provides, both in and outside of band, as well as the sense of brotherhood that connects you to people at different universities that you haven’t met yet.

Lambda Lambda:

We approached out recruitment process with a purpose-oriented mission in mind; to provide quality, accessible recruitment events that speak of our ideals from the moment potential brothers walk through the door….We try to incorporate an event that is centered on each of our purposes: Brotherhood, Leadership, Musicianship, and Service. At the same time, we try to present these purposes in ways that are relatable to anyone, regardless of their previous interactions with the fraternity.

In this month’s Arpeggio, we also had the chance to be introduced again to NCD Governor Tammi Ramsey! Tammi describes herself a Life Member of the Zeta Omicron chapter at the University of Akron, an Economics and Financial Literacy teacher, soccer and softball coach, graduate student, friend, sister, daughter, wife, and puppy mom. She “look[s] forward to meeting many of you at the various fraternity events around our spectacular district.” Tammi can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, or email at [email protected]

We hope you enjoyed the blog post this week! Stay tuned next Monday for some exciting brother-submitted content. If you have any interest in writing for the Blog or Arpeggio, we’d love for you to contact Abigail or NCD VPP Justin Jensen at [email protected] or [email protected]

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