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Hopefully by now you have all seen the newest edition of The Arpeggio that was released this weekend! If you have we invite you to Register for the site and leave your thoughts on it in the comment section! We intend this Blog to be a place where brothers can discuss their ideas and interpretations of things going on in the district. What better to interpret and discuss than the new district theme?! So head on down and get talking!

If you have not yet read The Arpeggio for the month of August, you’re in luck! We have a recap for you in the form of a video produced by our VPP, Justin Jensen. We also have some text recaps below. And, finally, you can head over to the “Arpeggio” page under “Documents >> KKPsi Documents” to read the whole thing! (Or click here)

The Video




This month’s Arpeggio was all about the reveal of our new district theme:


Lots of thought went into the selection of this theme during the summer council meeting, and we believe it encompasses the goals and ideas of the district beautifully. In his article in The Arpeggio, district president Jeric Tumang said

We all wanted to focus on the WHY of Kappa Kappa Psi, we all wanted to have a strong focus on clarity for the individual Brother, and we all wanted to positively work together. When combining these goals, we realized there was one single word that culminates exactly what we were thinking, harmoniously.

Obviously, the goal of operating Harmoniously can be adapted to fit all aspects of the fraternity. How we hope to do that is explained in further detail in each of the officers’ articles in The Arpeggio. Danielle hopes to connect Harmoniously with her role as secretary/treasurer by making the district budget more accessible to all brothers and empowering brothers through knowledge of the districts’ workings. I hope to connect Harmoniously to the area of membership and education by making sure that we are creating learning environments that focus on why each of us does what we do, and how each individual brother or candidate fits into the bigger picture of the organization. And on the programs side, Justin hopes to take the routine out of existing programs and awards, encouraging brothers to focus on why they exist and what we can do to further utilize them.

Of course, all of the insight and thought that the council has put into this theme cannot be captured in a single paragraph. So be sure to head over to The Arpeggio to read the full version!


Tammi Ramsey

Last but not least, this month’s Arpeggio introduced our new district governor, Tammi Ramsey! Tammi is a life member of the Zeta Omicron chapter and has previously served in several outstanding capacities, including as both a chapter and District President. According to governor Jason Mlady, “Tammi truly brings an incredible dynamic to the North Central District team.”

To read more about Tammi and find out how to contact her, head on over to The Arpeggio!



We hope you enjoyed this in-a-nutshell Arpeggio Recap! You can expect to discover these on the Blog every month, as a platform to refresh yourself on the newsletter’s contents and to reflect on them in the comment section!

If you’re interested in writing for the Blog or for the Arpeggio, we invite you to reach out to Abigail or Justin at [email protected] or [email protected]

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